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This has absolutely nothing to do with being a lesbian but it does shed some light on life around here.  I went to see the newest Harry Potter movie tonight.  We almost had the theater to ourselves.  Being from Spokane I expected to stand in line and was actually worried we might not get in.  After seeing the turnout for the film I am surprised they even dared show it.  These Southern Baptists really do take their boycotts seriously.  Maybe it did better in the cities.  One can only hope.
Hi. I'm Paula.  Stacie's mom.  She has been after me to do this for awhile.  So here I am doing this.  She says she is not bossy and I should not give people the idea she is.  If you think she is bossy you did not get it from me.  

I have decided to write about my life as a lesbian smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt.  Believe me, it ain't easy.  For one thing, I think I am the only lesbian in West Tennessee.  I know there is at least one lesbian in Knoxville because I met her the other day.  We went to Dollywood together.  Now I think I want to invite her over to this side of hell.  What do you think?  Long distant relationships; I don't know...
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